31 May 2017


Today at Computex 2017, Microsoftunderscored its commitment to the partner ecosystemwithnew opportunities to drive growth and customer demand. Microsoft outlined key areas of focus to inspire customers,increase momentum in the PC market with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and sparkemerging categories includingWindows Mixed Reality and Windows and Azure solutions for theInternet of Things.

Nick Parker, corporate vice president, consumer and devicesales, shared his vision for how new business models scale and expand markets to create a thriving ecosystem. This vision starts by inspiring customers with new experiences and devices that empower people and businesses to achieve more.

“Our partner model is unique in the industry as we collaborate, end-to-end, from design, through all phases of the product lifecycle and across consumer and device channels. Together, we are building new experiences for customers, generating demand and ultimately, creating growth in existing and new categories including Mixed Reality, Internet of Things, and Always Connected PCs with Intel and Qualcomm. At Microsoft, our success scales with our partners and, as an ecosystem, we reinvent existing markets even as we explore new ones,” said Parker.

Parker was joined on stage by Matt Barlow, corporate vice president, Windows marketing, andPeter Han, vice president, partner devices and solutions, detailing the latest innovation from Windows 10 with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the breadth of devices that enable new Windows 10 experiences.


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