McDonald’s Happy Meal is back with Super Mario in North & East India



22 August 2019


McDonald’s Happy Meal is back with Super Mario across all restaurants in North & East (N&E) India*. Starting at INR 147/-**, customers can choose from the current favourites like McAloo Tikki Burger, McEgg, Chicken McNuggets (4 pieces), McVeggie Burger, McChicken Burger, with a beverage and a toy.Customers can collect a toy from the adventurous Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and five other characters from the Super Mario game, every time they buy a Happy Meal.

Happy Meal will now be a regular feature on the restaurant menu in N&E India and McDonald’s will continue to introduce exclusive collection of toys across its restaurants. Customers across all age groups have largely associated Happy Meal with feelings of nostalgia and great joy along with the special toy that raises the happiness quotient. Generations across the world have grown up with Happy Meal as well as Super Mario, thus bringing back loving childhood memories that the brand stands for.

So, get on an adventure ride with Super Mario team by ordering a Happy Meal at a McDonald’s near you.


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