7 May 2021


One of the most sought-after writers in the region, Dr Rana Preet Gill has now released her fourth book, Maya which underlines the story of two adolescent sisters who encounter an array of challenges while growing up.

It talks about Maya and Zenia who live with their mother at Galaxy apartments in the suburb of Dwarka. Maya, the younger, is insecure and full of negativity because of the scars which did not leave her face after a dreadful chicken pox bout in childhood. Zenia’s charm and the constant comparisons in their physical traits creates a rift between them, and Maya ends up doing something that she shouldn’t!

While providing an insider’s view into the book, Dr Gill shares, “This book is somewhat about sibling rivalry and is partly inspired by a real-life incident which captured my attention as an adolescent. It is full of interesting twists and turns which I would not reveal, for which you need to read the book!”

When asked about her experience of writing this book during the pandemic, Dr Gill modestly explains, “I had spent the most of my time during pandemic in reading and researching for a new book which is a non-fiction project. The times of pandemic have been very tough for all of us. For me, reading proved to be very therapeutic and writing came as a blessing. It helped me a lot to tide over the unprecedented times.”

“It is very important to stay positive and follow the precautionary measures during this testing time. Getting vaccinated along with wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is of paramount importance. Each of us owns the responsibility of our own health and mental well-being. I believe that the pandemic will eventually die down. We need to work on the safety measures consciously and should adhere to them.  This too, shall pass!” she concludes.

Dr Gill has been attending online sessions of authors and writers in the times of pandemic to keep herself motivated. Her go-to platform is Majha House, wherein she continues to participate in intriguing sessions with great authors. Her latest book, Maya is available for sale at bookstores and Amazon.


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