23 June 2020


The phrase goes aptly with the stars of Zee Punjabi who made the most productive use of their lockdown free time. The three popular lead female stars of Zee Punjabi, the state’s Number One Family channel, Sara Gurpal, Sukh Trehan, and Khushboo Grewal have gained immense appreciation during the lockdown for spreading heartwarming and cheerful messages on the digital space in last three months.

Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has left us with myriad emotions. We were battling with the panic and anxiety of what is in store for us in future; we were also celebrating the free time taking up art and craft habits or exploring the passion that we couldn’t do earlier because of time paucity. Film and television celebrities set the trend of indulging in fun or inspirational activities and shared positive videos on their Instagram and Facebook.

Sara Gurpal, the Heer of ‘Heer Ranjha’ was the brightest of the bunch. Even though the charming star is doing a serious and sober role; her Instagram and Facebook posts during the lockdown exuded charm, happiness and positivity. She showed how good she is while speaking Punjabi and Haryanvi in her lockdown videos. Her video spoof on Punjabi weddings had more than 13,000 likes on Facebook. She even sang some songs at the request of her fans.

Another heartthrob of Zee Punjabi, Sukh Trehan, and the star of Khasmanu Khani shared health and fitness tips with her fans. She posted a special Bhangra workout video to help people burn extra calories that they were gaining in this lockdown period owing to gyms being closed.

Khushboo Grewal, the star of Hasdeyan De Ghar Vasde recorded and released three tracks during the lockdown. Her melodious voice and charm took over the digital space like a storm. Her most talked-about video was the song ‘Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum’ which she did with her daughter. Indeed the song, its lyrics and the way Khushboo presented it enthused hope and positivity all around. Her Instagram post saw more than 50,000 views.

Well, the lockdown has opened and these stars are back to their work while their fans are thanking them for the entertainment and enthralling conversations they did on their social media.


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