6 April 2019


Women have finally gained strength to speak against abuses and atrocities which they face in their daily lives, and all thanks to the famous #MeToo Movement.’ This movement acted as a platform for women to speak up against the physical crime and mental torture which they faced. This movement has helped women believe in their inner strength and stand up tall in the face of their culprits. Many songs and films have been created on this topic but one of the songs which have created an impact in recent times is ‘O Re Naseeba’.

The song is sung by the melodious singer Monali Thakur who has added the right emotionand strength to the strong lyrics. The song is penned down by Sanjeev Chaturvedi. It is composed by Sanjeev- Ajay. Krishika Lulla has conceptualized and directed the heart- wrenching video. ‘O Re Naseeba’s video portrays the feelings and trauma a woman goes through, in the different phase of her life. Not only the words are captivating but the various dance forms bring out the real meaning behind the song. The ballet, Indian classical and freestyle dance express and voice every single fear and the subsequent determination of the woman to perfection. The song has been released under Eros Music Label.

Krishika Lulla, the director of ‘O Re Naseeba’ who has also conceptualized the video of the song told, “I wanted Indian women to feel empowered too. We wanted to send out a message through this song that whatever inhuman acts these cruel men do, they have to pay for them when a women finally finds her strength to confront everyone. I personally, would like to convey that a lady should always look over her shoulder and keep an eye out even around her most trusted people. But should never consider herself blameworthiness because of the crime happened to her. She must believe in Karma and God who will ultimately serve these heinous criminals right.”

This song reveals the dark truth that even age doesn’t matter if the people around us have bad intentions. It proves that girls are not safe even in their own homes.

Irrespective of their age, the ladies are still being brutally tortured. Through the song ‘O Re Naseeba’ by Monali Thakur, it is clear that it doesn’t matter how you dress and what you wear, it’s just about the sick mentality of men.


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