11 April 2018


“Kent Smart chef appliances” is once again upbeat about launching a new range of automatic solutions to cook healthy and cook faster. A Kent Smart chef appliance issynonymous with innovation, comfort, safety and convenience for your kitchen space and the new range of Kent electric rice cookers is no exception!

Revolutionary and a must for every functioning kitchen the new range of electric rice cookers byKent Smart chef appliances incorporates three models KENT Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker, Personal Rice Cooker and KENT Electric Rice Cooker which comes in three variants 3 L, 5L, SS (Stainless Steel).

The KENT Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker comes with a KENT Rice Cooker cum Steamer functionality. It makes cooking rice and other steamed food unproblematic and hygienic with its one-touch operation with a fully automatic process. Also its 5 pre-program setting lets you to make your favourite dishes such as rice, steamed vegetables, momos, dalia and soup without any hassle. Furthermore its unique delay start features lets you cook food at the desired time. Simply set the timer and the appliance automatically starts the steaming process at the selected time.

KENT Electric Rice Cooker makes cooking rice, steaming vegetables and making soup an easy task with its one touch operation. This model operates at a high temperature that helps in bringing out all the flavours of food. The high temperature ensures every grain is evenly and perfectly cooked. The 3L and 5L variants utilize high quality thick and non-stick coated aluminium inner pot that evenly distributes heat to cook tasty food. While the SS variant comes with high quality, thick, non-sticky ceramic coated inner pan which ensures that rice evenly distributes heat so that each grain gets evenly cooked. The 3 L variant is an ideal appliance for small families and bachelors. It boasts advanced induction heating technology that allows precise temperature control in a short time.

Adding to the ideal automatic solution for bachelors, office goers ​and travellers is the KENT personal rice cooker model. It allows one to prepare perfectly cooked and “HOT”meals within minutes and with a touch of a button. This innovative and smart device makes it effortless to make rice and biryani while maintaining freshness, flavour and nutrient value in every bowl of rice. This modern device by KENT also boasts of a delayed cooking function that lets you cook food as per your convenience. One has to simply set the timer and the rice cooker will mechanically start the steaming procedure.

“We are rest assured that the range will click well with the customers just like our previous smart chef offerings. This new age kitchen assistant range is in sync with our endeavour at offering well-being and health while making perfectly cooked, fresh and tasty meals in no time.

The compact and portable design of the new range of KENT electric cookers not only makes its must have for all kitchens but it is also an ideal option for an avid traveller, students and bachelors as it keeps them close to home food! Additionally the design also makes it is easy to handle, store and clean. Besides due to the modern appearance the new range can be used even on dining table. Adding to the compact quality of the new age kitchen aid is that the three models facilitate oil free cooking which boosts their competency. Another defining characteristic of KENT Electric Rice Cookers are the advanced induction heating. With this function you get the benefit of indulging in evenly cooked rice every time.” Said Mr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO Systems Ltd.

The new age KENT Electric Rice Cookers are available at all KENT outlets and online on Furthermore, the products come at different price points depending on the model.

Time to be a smart chef even on the go with the innovative, smart and modern kitchen assistant range by KENT! So bag your piece today!!


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