20 April 2020


City based dietician Malini Dahiya says one can fight infections like Corona virus, if the immune system is strong enough. She emphasized on the intake of Vitamin C, exposure to Sunlight and proper sleep to strengthen the immune system.

Dietician Malini Dahiya said, “Vitamin C is needed by our immune system cells to navigate and kill antigens. Gooseberries, green chilly, vegetables and fruits and everything that contains Vitamin C is useful to get it. Similarly, Vitamin D is required which can be availed from Sunlight. Another important thing is taking enough sleep. Sleep helps our immune system.”

The dietician further added that excess intake of sugar should be avoided these days. Sugar puts the immune cells to sleep. That’s the precise reason why diabetics are at a higher risk. On the other hand, spices and herbs should be used more. They contain minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Nature acts as a vaccine prompting our body to create more and more antibodies of different types. And sometimes when we contract any virus or bacteria, we are ready with its antibodies. The only method that works for viruses generally is high intake of liquids. The liquids include Lime juice, Coconut water, Buttermilk, Green tea, Herbal tea, Golden water (Turmeric, Black Pepper and water), infused water (slices of fruits and vegetables added  in water) and mineral water. Medicine or vaccine should be the last resort. Main focus should be on strengthening our immune system.


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