Kan Biosys introduces an environment friendly solution to stubble burning



13 November 2019


Kan Biosys, a specialized agri-biotech company working in the field of plant nutrition and pest management, has launched Speed Kompost, an Eco-friendly product that tackles the problem of stubble burning. The product, accredited by various research institutes and accrediation bodies does not poses any risk to the environment and helps in enhancing the soil quality and agricultural yield.

Speed Kompost is a compost accelerating formulation which consists of a unique blend of cellulose degrading, starch degrading, protein degrading bacteria and fungi. These microbes when added to the raw compost heap, germinate to produce hyphae or cells.

The various microbes, which digest the plant waste, present in Speed Kompost help in recycling of crop residues and wastes effectively along with soil reclamation hence resulting in enhanced soil quality. Apart from this, the usage of the product also ensures a significant increase in the nutrition value of the soil.

Mrs. Sandeepa Kanitkar, MD, Kan Biosys, said, “From the last two years, we have been working in Punjab and Haryana to stop the rice stubble burning. The stubble burning not only pollutes the environment causing health hazards but also strips the soil off. The soil looses its nutrition value and becomes barren and unproductive gradually which makes the land hard and thus water runs of with the fertilizers further polluting the rivers and ground water causing severe health issues and algal blooms. The ban imposed by governments don’t act as a feasible option due to unavailability of adequate technology to reuse stubble so as to vitalize the fields.”

She also emphasized that rather than imposing ban on stubble burning the government should create awareness among the farmers so that they can leverage on the available technology.

Taking all the factors into account, ‘Speed Kompost’ addresses all the issues. The easy, cost effective, standardized on-farm process of the unique formulation allows farmers to incorporate rice stubble in 15 days after harvesting. With this, the farmers can make their field ready for the next crop.

Apart from solving the above mentioned issues, the product increases organic matter in soil, enhances water holding capacity of the soil and makes the usage of fertilizer efficient.

With the launch of the innovative product, Kan biosys is exploring strategic relationships to make it a pan-India practice.

Highlighting the needs of Speed Kompost, she further said, “It is the right time that India should embrace products which not only help in enhancing the yields but are also environment friendly. Due to excessive use of chemicals in soil, a significant downfall has been recorded in the water table. Apart from this, the soil quality is degrading and production is also declining significantly. The stubble burning further destroys the carbon content balance in the soil. Thus, in a country like India, Speed Kompost comes as a one stop solution to all such problems.”

She said that as the government is focused to double the farmers’ income in next almost two years, they should acknowledge the technology developed by Kan Biosys and develop a mechanism to encourage farmers to use it. The usage of Speed Kompost will increase the agricultural productivity almost by 18-20 per cent and hence fulfill the government’s aim.

The company aims to help the farmers maximize yields and at the same time reduce toxic residues in the food.


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