10 July 2019


The seventh edition of Jiva Health Week by Jiva Ayurveda will take place across all its 80 clinics in India from July 5 to 15. More than, 10 thousand patients are expected to benefit during the health week. Jiva Ayurveda, which has one crore successful consultations to its credit is giving free consultation and benefits of up to Rs 350 including discounts on wellness products and treatment packs.

Dr Partap Chauhan, Director Jiva Ayurveda, said: “Every year, Jiva Ayurveda organizes the Jiva Health Week to provide high quality treatment through free consultations. We have seen very good response from people across villages and cities in our all previous  health weeks, and I am confident people will come out of their homes and get the benefit of Jiva Health Week this time too.”

Jiva Ayurveda has treated thousands of patients for lifestyle, chronic and season-related disorders with personalized medicines along with customized diet and lifestyle recommendations that are uniquely prepared for each patient, which contributes to treating diseases from the root, rather than just treating it symptomatically.

Jiva Ayurveda over the years has empowered Ayurveda with technological innovations while keeping its ancient principles intact. Jiva’s Ayunique™ is one of the innovations. Ayunique™ is a proprietary approach pioneered by Jiva Ayurveda that empowers Ayurvedic doctors to diagnose and treat patients effectively. This brings together the best of traditional Ayurveda, modern scientific research and findings. Through seamless integration of technology, Ayunique™ delivers holistic, precise, personalized treatment and care.


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