Jan Chetna Sabha against the Communist violence in Kerala


Photo by Vinay Kumar


1 March 2017


Janadhikar Suraksha Manch Chandigarh organized Jan Chetna Sabha under the leadership of President of Manch, K.M.S. Nambiar against the Communist violence in Kerala.  Many social and religious organizations participated in the Sabha.  Prominent personalities who attended the Sabha include Former Rajyasabha M.P. Tarun Vijay, Famous Script Writer Advaita Kala, Namdhari Suba Gurmukh Singh Namdhari, North India SC & ST Bhalai Sangathan President Prem Shammi, Madan Singh Gatoli, General Secretary, Dhanak Samaj, Jagjeet Singh Kang, President Akali Dal, Arminder Singh former Member SGPF, Buddhist Lama Karma Jassi besides members of Bharatiya Janata Party and Brahman Sabha, Chandigarh.

Addressing the Sabha Tarun Vijay said that Kerala is infamous for Communist violence.  Since the CPM took over the reins of Kerala, innocent people having nationalistic approach are being targeted.   In all these cases of violence CPM activists were involved.  There is totally ‘jangal raaj’  in Kerala.

Tarun Vijay said that despotism and violence are the basics of Communist ideology.  Communist Party have shown atrocious intolerance from Russia to China, Eastern Europe, Korea and from Cuba to India.  Communists are infamous for murder of people having non-allegiance to communist ideology.  West Bengal is an example of communist violence and now it has been noticed in Kerala.  In Pallakar (Kojhikod) Communist goons set afire house of BJP leader C.Radhakrishnan when the family was sleeping.

In January 2017 when BJP activist Suresh was going in his car in Mallpuram district.  He was stopped by CPM goons, got opened the door showing weapon and thrown his ten months old son on road.  In this ‘jungle raaj’ neither children nor ladies are safe.  It is said that ‘Kannoor Model’ is presented by Communists to settle political score with their rivals through political violence.  Now they want to implement the same throughout Kerala.

Photo By Vinay Kumar

On 18th January BJP activist Mullaparam Ejuthan Santosh was brutally murdered when he was along in his house.  He further said that present Chief Minister of Kerala P. Vijayan is also accused in the murder of RSS activist.  Polit Bureau members led by Vijayan and Koddiyari Balakrishnan murdered RSS activist Vadikkal Ramakrishnan on 28th Aril 1969.  This is home district of Chief Minister P. Vijayan. According to Superintendent of Police from May 2016 to September 2016, 301 cases of political violence were reported in Kannur district only.  It is the right time to impose President’s Rule in Kerala and reinstate democracy in the state.   Besides this all the families affected due to Communist violence be compensated and the accused be punished.

Famous script writer Advaita Kala said that a Malyali actress who was returning from her work was stopped by four people who forcibly entered her car.  They misbehaved with her in moving car.  They also clicked her photographs and prepared a video of the same.  The actress reported the matter to the police seeking justice.  Immediately after the incidence Kairali News which is known channel of CPM started showing the news and even said that one person out of the four was having      an affair with the actress.

Kala said that the law and order situation has been deteriorated in Kerala since CPM took over the reins of state.  Recently during a protest in Trivendram Law Academy, a dalit leader of BJP Dr. Bawa was beaten so brutally that he lost his one eye.  The cases of violence against RSS and BJP activists  increased since December due to which there is huge increase in number of injured people.


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