I treat Plus Size Girls and Women a ‘community’. The dictionary meaning of ‘community’ is, ‘a group of people having a particular characteristic in common or sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common’. So, I consider the Plus Size Women a community because they have this particular characteristic in common, i.e., their size, weight, curls & curves. Of late, in the developed and advanced western countries and especially in USA the concept of BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and SSBBW (Super Sized Big Beautiful Women) has developed and evolved. Fat Acceptance and Fat Admiration groups have also come up. There are many websites dedicated to these lovely big women as also their clothing, apparels and accessories. Certain BBW Clubs have been formed there where periodic events of different kinds are held. The purpose is to bring the BBWs at one place, to share their interests, hobbies as also to discuss the day to day problems being faced by them due to the indifferent attitude of the society towards them. Plus size modelling has also come up and now a number of plus size pageants are being regularly held there. But, I am pained and constrained to say that the conservative Indian society will take some time to reach that level. But, I am sure that the day is not far when the Plus Size Women in India get their long due respect, appreciation and acceptance in the society.

By reaching the finals of the MS Plus Size North India, 2017 pageant my responsibility towards my ‘community’ has increased manifold and now I can become a role model for the Plus Size Women because I have shown to them that whatever a skinny girl, put in my circumstances can do, I can do better. It fills me with immense pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. This feeling I am eager to instil in my ‘community’ and fill them with a sense of self-confidence, self-esteem and above all the belief that if they are focussed, dedicated and work hard nothing is impossible to achieve. As they say ‘nothing succeeds like success’. It is evident from my example. After this achievement I am getting best compliments of my life, whether it be on social media or from personal friends or relatives, neighbours or the near and dear ones. After this event I have received a number of friend requests and my inbox is flooded with compliments and great comments.

As they say ‘handsome is what handsome does’. Now, whatever I eat, wear or say carries ‘weight’. People imitate and copy their role models. However, they should not be followed blindly but we should be inspired by the positive things of their life and struggles. I firmly believe that everyone of us should have distinct quality. Now I have decided to take Plus Size Modelling as full time job because I firmly believe that to be at ‘No.1’ I have to be ‘odd’. It may not be out of place to mention here that I have also followed and looked for inspiration to the other Plus Size Models. Ms. Bishambhar Das Kaur has been my role model. She is the first Plus Size British Asian Model. She was one of the judges of the MS Plus Size North India, 2017 pageant, who inspired all the girls and considered all of us as winners. I want to instil that very sense of self-confidence among the other plus sized girls who are hesitant, shy and even ashamed of their body-type. They should take it as a ‘boon in disguise’ and start polishing and working towards the skills that they possess. Soon they will observe that the world has started judging them not on their size but the unique skill and talent that they possess. I want every plus sized girl to leave behind the syndrome ‘what people will say’ and pull up her socks with the firm determination of achieving something in life and prove the people wrong who mock them, make fun of them and consider them a liability on the society.

Sonal Bhasin


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