14 April 2019
Chandigarh is poised to became the India’s first city as free float self-drive car share service. Tech start-up ‘HAYR Technology’- a Chandigarh based company will launch the new concept of free-float service in India today at Smash, Elante Mall. It would focus on passenger’s safety, convenience and value for money.  
HAYR Technology’s Founder, Mr. Harjeet Singh will launch the beta version of this app today. He said, “It is initially for Chandigarh Tri-city during its first phase, followed by other cities including Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad followed by second phase’’.
The unique concept of free-float refers to pick up and drop off vehicle anywhere within a designated parking area. The ease to reserve the available car instantly;  makes car sharing attractive.
Reserve the car  through HAYR CAR SHARE Mobile App and avail this service. The confirmation would be sent immediately along with other details. Every individual having a valid driving licence is eligible to enjoy the benefits of ride. 
As HAYR CAR SHARE promises through its tagline- DRIVE BEFIKAR, they offer hassle-free, secure and convenient services to its users. Users do not have to worry about refuelling and maintenance cost too. Company provides amazing services of advanced reservations in which a trip would not get cancelled without any specific reason.
Users can themselves drive car and go for a long drive with their loved one by opting HAYR CAR SHARE services.
Harjeet Singh said “Company ensures for women safety at late night. They can enjoy their ride without fear and trouble of security and drop the car near your home”.
HAYR is a perfect solution for reducing traffic congestion. Instead of owning private cars people can experience the uber-luxurious ride facilities through rental cars and HAYR cars are the best option to go for. In this way, people would always go for public transport rather than buying a car. Company assures that the car rental service would act on innumerable problems of transports, distances, and parking etc. 
Parking is indeed a major bottleneck for urban lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, HAYR has designated various locations across the city. Now, you won’t have to worry about private parking and can park your vehicle at designated parking area. Also, HAYR Technology is planning to rope in regional celebrities to become their brand ambassador. 
The launch is highly awaited by the youth and citizens of Chandigarh ever since the announcement has been made.



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