New Delhi

17 July 2023


India Book of Records (IBR), the most reputed chronicle of unique records, has been gaining popularity among the talented individuals, who display tremendous courage and creativity. A few of the leading records of this week include the fastest expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in an EV, the fastest construction of a net zero library, the fastest child to complete the Chadar trek in Ladakh, maximum push-ups in 1 minute, the maximum quantity of millets prepared in a single vessel, the largest model of Eiffel Tower made using matchsticks, and many more.

The record for performing the fastest expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in an EV (Tata Nexon EV MAX) was set by EVO India Magazine. The car covered a distance of 4003 km in 95 hours and 45 minutes. It also made records for the maximum distance covered in 24 hours by an EV and the maximum distance covered by an EV on a single drive. The fastest construction of a Net Zero Library was an achievement made by Univastu Bootes Infra LLP of Gurugram, Haryana. They reconstructed the Jhansi Pustakalaya at Shiksha Bhawan Campus in UP within 90 days, as per the sustainable infrastructure vision, wherein the carbon emission is zero.

The record for being the fastest child to complete the Chadar trek was set by Rhythm Harlalka (10) of Hyderabad, who completed the expedition over the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh in 5 days. In a show of courage, Avtar Singh (39) of Mohali, Punjab, performed 145 push-ups in one minute. However, he had been suffering from chronic arthritis sometime ago. The largest model of the Eiffel Tower using matchsticks was made by Surendra Kumar Jain (77) of Meerut, UP. His model measured 3 feet x 3 feet x 5 feet.

The credit for being the first female to perform a mailbag escape magic trick on stage goes to the  Grand Master Mekhala Nayak (36) of Bengaluru. She performed the trick at Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala, in which two people came from spectators and examined the canvas mailbag then locked her inside the bag using padlocks. The bag was covered with a curtain and she escaped in a flash and came among the spectators. In an event organized by Mahendra Subhash Chandra Chhoriya, MD of the Millet Meal Brand Sonpari-Sehat of Nashik, Maharashtra, Chef Vishnu Manohar prepared 4,000 kg of millets in a vessel and distributed it to the people. The attempt marked the International Year of Millets.

Meanwhile, 3,39,073 people from all sections of society took the pledge ‘Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs’ for a ‘Drug-Free India’ campaign organized by the Delhi Police under the leadership of Sanjay Arora, CP, and in the presence of Lt Governor of Delhi. Two children got appreciation from the IBR for their extraordinary performances. Angelina Dubey of Kolkata displayed her skills in reciting a load of information at the age of 3 years, while Aripirala Yogananda Sastry (10) of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, has completed a PG diploma course in Astrology.


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