30 September 2019


It is believed that using Kansa to eat our food and drink water from on a daily basis enhances our immunity apart from purifying the food. Kansa dining ware has been used since the period of Samhita Kala, or as far back as we know from our recorded history. According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa dining ware is also used for its therapeutic applications.

Cutlery, cookware and tableware brand, Kishco has brought ancient wisdom to the modern table with the introduction of their latest Pure Kansa Collection today at Hyatt Regency here. The collection was announced by wellness expert and Managing Director, Dr Namita Jain who is a recipient of the honorary Post Doctorate title from the Young Scientist University, USA for excellence in the field of Healthcare and Wellness.

“Indian culture has deep roots in Ayurvedic science and most of our traditions are tied in with good health. So, at Kishco, we aim to revive this heritage with our latest Pure Kansa Collection,” shared Dr. Jain, adding, she always wanted traditional dining ware to make a comeback in contemporary Indian kitchens.

Kishco Pure Kansa (Bronze or Bell Metal) comprises of 78 percent Copper and 22 percent Tin. This is the ideal ratio for the alloy Kansa to be called ‘pure’. Ayurveda recommends usage of Pure Kansa for its boundless health benefits. Kansa is known for its holistic healing, stress relieving and purifying properties. The food served in it remains fresh and hygienic.

Dr Namita Jain, MD Kishco said, “Eating from Pure Kansa has amazing health benefits. Kansa alkalises and purifies the food and also promotes digestive health.”

An epitome of “boundless health”, the Kishco Pure Kansa collection is all set to revive the Indian tradition of dining in Kansa wares. Made in an opulent shade of golden, the metal improves with age and the food served in it, remains fresh and hygienic.

The Kischco Pure Kansa collection includes a 6-piece Thali set, a 6-piece dinner plate set, a 2-piece Glass Gift set, and a 2-piece katori set. The price range for this set starts from Rs 2750 and goes up to Rs 7550. It also includes a 2-piece Buddha Bowl set which is seen to be extremely popular among health enthusiasts. The Buddha bowl is considered an ideal way to eat and is credited with the potential for lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

“In India, kansa products are largely dominated by the unorganized sector, and often, to cut costs, the kansa sold in stores is not authentic or pure. So, we decided to take the plunge and deliver high quality kansa products which promise holistic healing, stress relieving, and purifying properties,” affirmed Dr Jain with a satisfied smile on her face.

Ever since 1950, Kishco is contributing indispensably by setting benchmarks in this industry and the Pure Kansa Collection stands testament to the same. You can order the collection at DCA Marketing in Chandigarh, Mahajan Crockery in Pathankot and Chaudhary Crockery in Ludhiana.

About Dr Namita Jain: Dr Namita Jain has been a recipient of an array of international and national awards & accolades including ‘The Department of International women’s excellence award’ and the ‘Savvy excellence award’, amongst others. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council of Exercise, the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, the Pilates UK Institute, and the Reebok and Yoga institute.

Dr Jain has conducted many inspiring health and wellness presentations at the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) and The Press Club of Mumbai. She was the nutrition partner for the Miss India 2012 pageant and a celebrity nutritionist on the Food Food TV channel. She has also created a guideline for healthcare and food safety for under- privileged school children in Gujarat.

Presently, Dr Jain consults at Bombay Hospital as a wellness specialist. She is also a consultant to the Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). She is an author of 12 health and fitness books and a leading columnist for newspapers and magazines.


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