Heart surgery could be thing of past



21 January 2018


Heart patients in the Tri-city can now have their blockages cleared without any surgery. Not even a needle is required to be pricked. The medical procedure approved by the US food and Drugs Administration (USFDA) and invented by Harvard University has treated a million people world over and around a lakh people in India.

A medical camp was on Sunday organised by the Press Club of Chandigarh in association with Mohali-based Bibi Bhani Charitable Trust and ChiraYou Cardiac Care (CCC). An Expert of Enhanced Counter Pulsation (ECP) Dr Sanjeev Vats delivered a lecture and examined members of the club and their family members. Dr Vats has treated scores of patients during last five years.

“ECP cures problems like kidney, blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorder, brain stroke in most cases apart from a heart condition,” Dr Vats said quoting research papers. Explaining about ECP treatment, he said blood circulation is calibrated, calculating each fluctuation, in a manner that opens capillaries in heart and other parts creating a natural bypass. Stents and heart surgeries are avoided through this method in Europe and China. Athletes are using it to build stamina.

Tamil Nadu government gives reimbursement for this treatment to its employees. Consumer courts across the country have directed insurance companies to reimburse the treatment cost to patients who got treatment through this method, he said.

The phase 7-based Bibi Bhani Charitable Trust housed in Bibi Bhani Gurdwara is providing free OPD in a multi speciality hospital, all medicines also almost free on Wednesdays. Medical tests are almost at half the market price. CCC is operating from Bibi Bhani in a joint charity arrangement. Medicines are free on Wednesdays and only for RS 10 on other days.


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