HE is Family….!



Beyond my fights, I can say He is Family now. I am well aware of the little time I am left with him, but now he has taken some different place in life. No words can explain the bond we share, the language we speak to each other.

Does that sound familiar? Yes, I am feeling the same as You. I thought this with my past ones but those were only thoughts. Because this love is a mature one yet in a childish way.
The one I can share my deepest thoughts, secrets without getting scared. The one I can ask to do anything I want. The one who is forced to like my Facebook posts and also bound to comment on them. He is the one who lets me go crazy and shout on him and then forgive me each time. Because before Ego, comes my happiness for him.
Eternal happiness, love and caring is what I am getting from that Perfect one. I always prayed to get someone who loves me this much and I guess, I don’t have enough words to Thank God for this blessing in life.
Since it’s decided…. We have no future. It hurts, just to know that I can’t have this amazing person in my life forever.
Somewhere down the line he is well aware of his own feelings but can’t express them much as he knows about future.
Once I read a quote stating “Best boyfriend is the one You don’t marry”. I guess this makes me stronger sometimes.
Some people you wish to hold in your life yet feel like setting them free as well. I have never come across this much of matureness in me before.
If you are reading this, I want you to know ‘You made me a better person. You are pushing me to achieve better things in life.’ No matter how much we have fought in past, or still are fighting, You always gonna be my Family now.
I know it will sound stupid to you that I wrote it for you. But this is a small tribute to our memories.
To the girls out there, I am just like you. I want him as much as you want your man. But sometimes we have to accept what is written in destiny. We all are tend to worry about future and forget the beautiful time we have in our hand, the memories we can make right away. So stop thinking about future, enjoy the time with him. You never know what future holds. 😉

Divya Azad, Editor-in-Chief 

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