23 October 2021


Pooja Punchhi, a name synonymous with excellence in being a limitless learning coach, has now explored her new facet of being an inspiring author. Needless to say, her latest literary marvel, ‘Hash of Mash’ promises to be a beacon of light in the lives of its readers.

The book was released by eminent media personality, Mr. Hardeep Chandpuri in the presence of a group of literary figures and academicians at the Chandigarh Golf Club today.

“The book by Mrs. Pooja Punchhi presents a vital bridge between aspiration and sustained success,” affirmed Mr Chandpuri while congratulating her for the book release.

A professional lifetime coach, Mrs. Pooja Punchhi uses the title ‘Purnamuni’ to describe her calling as a counselor of troubled perspectives in a “topsy turvy world gone haywire in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.” Her latest book, Hash of Mash is also in sync with her endeavor to make this world a better place to live in.

The book is sure to strike a vital chord amongst the think tanks who are facing dynamically changed circumstances in the present times. It pokes the young and old alike into rethinking their flow of thoughts. It provokes all ages to reflect and rebond.

“Be always in receiving”, says Pooja Punchhi as she knows and advocates the mantra that, “no one can harm you, but you yourself. Similarly, no one can help you more than yourself.”

The book reestablishes time tried truths and gives wings to those who want to fly, and further unfolds the vistas of self-enrichment where one looks inward for strength and support.

Published by Notion Press, Hash of Mash is available on Amazon and Flipkart, Kindle eBook, Notion Press and offline at all prominent city bookstores like Capital Book Depot, English Book Shop and Browser.


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