Harmohan Dhawan submit a memorandum to the commissioner

18 April 2017
Former union minister & president Chandigarh Jan Kalyan Manch Harmohan dhawan, today lead a huge demonstration of venders dealing in chat, golgape, chana bhatura etc in front of the Municipal Corporation office against the exorbitant increase in the licence fee which has been hiked from Rs 1600 per year to Rs 24000 per annum.
Dhawan while addressing the gathering said that in the last few months the people have given a massive mandate to the P.M. Sh. Narendra Modi’s mantare of “sab ka saath sab ka vikas”. It was a modi sunami which resulted in huge victory of the BJP in various states & civil’s elections. Chandigarh also witnessed an unprecedented victory in CMC elections and came to power after about 15 yrs.
Dhawan further said that on the one hand when the BJP Govt’s at the centre & various satates are engaged in the welfare of the poorest of the poor, and on the other hand Chandigarh administration is preparing to hike the tax rates in parking, water, electricity, property tax etc.. Dhawan said to realize the modo ji’s dream of corruption free & welfare state, the Chandigarh administration should refrain from anti poor policies.
Later, Dhawan met the commissioner Mr. Purushartha & submitted a memorandum demanding the withdrawal of increased licence fee. Mr. Purushartha sympethalically listened to the demands and assured to reconsider the hike in the license fee.
M/S Santosh Sharma, Mevaram, Ramsharan, yograj, kashmirilal Sharma, Rakesh Sood, Ajaiab Singh and Vinod Chawla also accompanied Dhawan.


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