‘Grammar for Writers’ Workshop at School of Communication Studies



29 March 2017


The School of Communication Studies, Panjab University (PU) and Chandigarh Chapter
of the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), today organized a workshop on
‘Grammar for writers’. The workshop was conducted by Mr Amal Fabian, a British
Council teacher of English and author of “Q and the Magic of Grammar”.

He introduced simple techniques for understanding English language and demonstrated
the ease with which the nuances of grammar can be understood. The interactive and
participative format of the workshop helped the students in learning new skills in
grammar and writing. He shared anecdotes and the insight into his latest book which
is in the form of a novel and different characters in the story are in the form of
alphabets with Q as the protagonist who discover the magic of grammar through a
wonderland, the Grammar Dimension.

Dr Archana R. Singh, Chairperson, School of Communication Studies, complimented Amal
Fabian and said that the budding journalists and communicators would take home
important lessons through this workshop. Mr.Charanjit Singh from PRCI said that
“writing is fundamental skill that every communicator must master in order to
succeed in any profession and such events can help students to master their writing


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