13 October 2023


Renowned singer Golden Star Malkit Singh, celebrated for hits like “Tutak Tutak Tuttini” and “Kali Anak,” is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest track, “Mobile.” Speaking to reporters today, Malkit Singh revealed that the song, released by Music Waves, has garnered immense popularity in its initial phase, resonating with millions of listeners.

In this new song, the artist explores the youth’s growing fascination with mobile phones, encapsulating the current craze. The accompanying music video, directed by Stalanveer, Compliment the track’s theme, showcasing the visual allure of modern mobile culture.

Malkit Singh expressed his excitement about the song’s reception, emphasizing the tremendous success it has achieved in capturing the audience’s attention. He also shared his plans for the year-end, teasing a forthcoming Punjabi film titled “Saade Lekh ,” centered around rural life.

Rajesh Chalotra, the manager of Music Waves, praised Malkit Singh’s exceptional songwriting and vocal prowess, acknowledging the artist’s unique ability to engage and captivate listeners. The song’s popularity has further bolstered the team’s spirits, marking yet another milestone in Malkit Singh’s illustrious musical career.


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