18 June 2020
While the lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, we are still being mindful about stepping outside. But whether you’re at home or outside, everybody loves a good hair day. The good news is that it is possible to get that salon-finish if you have the right products.Just remember to usethose that do not damage your hair, but instead add luster and volumeto your tresses and protect them.Give your hair the treatment it deserves. 
Sobiya Moghul, Content Lead at Amazon Beauty, recommends few hair products that will make hair styling at home easy.
Hair Serums:
A good serumprotects the hair from heat damage, dust particles, humidity, pollution and dryness. Choose a serum that provides light hydration for straight and thin hair and intense hydration for frizzy and dry hair. You can also find shine inducing and protecting serums that will work wonders while styling your hair.
Dry Shampoo: 
For all those days on which it’s impossible to shampoo your hair, dry shampoo comesto the rescue.It helps remove excess oil and greasiness making the hair look and smell beautiful. Pro tip: Use it only on the roots to avoid any damage to your hair texture.
Hair Colour:
The easiest way to change how your hair looks is to colour it.Remember to use an ammonia-freecolourto avoid damage.You can experiment by dip dyeing your ends a glossy mocha or just go a universal glossy brown. Post colour, remember to use products that will hydrate and nourish your tips and keep them damage free.
Hair Mask:
For softer, hydrated and less frizzy hair, it is very important to use amask regularly. Choose one that has organic and natural ingredients and is sulphate and silicon freefor healthy, nourishedand lustrous tresses.
Hair Cream:
Of all the hair products,hair cream is one of the most underrated. Perfect for addressing frizziness, flyaways and hair fall,creams also add a natural looking shine to your hair. Remember to use sparingly and wash off thoroughly to avoid build-up of product on your scalp.
Hair Wax:
One of the most trusted products in hair styling, wax helpsmaintain short to medium-length hair without making it clumpy. Apply a small quantity, avoiding the roots and remember to shampoo off well to avoid greasiness and damaged hair follicles in the long run.
Hair Gel:
Perfect for setting your hair in the manner you desire, this styling essential is a must-have for those who love experimenting with their looks. Most efficacious when your hair is damp, gels do everything from volumizing to defining curls, besides giving your hair a lovely sheen.
Hair Spray: 
Once you have styled your hair, hold it in place with a good hair spray. The latest formulae do not make your hair feel crunchy and stiff, instead they are almost undetectable but have a great hold and add volume where necessary. Light-hold formulae are easy to brush out, allowing you to manipulate your hair in a variety of styles and stronger hold ones will keep your hair style intact until you wash them out. 


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