Furever Friends First Aid Camp held



9 October 2019


Giving deworming tablets to street dogs every three months can keep them calm. Sometimes the reason behind dog bites is simply a dog gets irritated due to worms in his stomach. Listen to your dog through his body language and ‘talk’ to him through easy-to-lean hand signals. Do not give painkillers or antibiotics to dogs or cats without Vet consultation. These were the few tips shared by experts at the Furever Friends First Aid Camp, held at PGI community centre recently.

Dr Ravinder Saini, Veterinary Surgeon said, “First aid care is not a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet’s life until he receives proper treatment. Do not miss deworming and vaccination dates. If you feed street dogs, give them deworming tablet according to their weight, after every 3 months. If you see any change in your pet’s behaviour, consult vet immediately.”

Divey Dahiya, dog trainer said, “Listen to what your dog is telling you. Your dog is “talking” to you all the time, through his body language. Watch his ears, tail, posture, facial expressions etc. Speak to your dog through easy-to-learn hand signals. Reward behaviours which you want repeated. You never need to hurt your dog, physically or psychologically, in order to train. Methods and collars that hurt can cause aggression.”

Vikas Luthra, Founder, Furever Friends, said, “The purpose behind holding the camp was to enable people to handle minor injuries and give first-aid to street dogs and pets on the spot. As a rescue organisation, we try to help everyone who reports an injured animal to us. But we are a group of volunteers, who cannot reach all places at all times. Hence we urge the public, and enable them through first-aid camps like this, to help street dogs on their own also.”

Chief guests of the programme were: Dr Nirja Chawla, a Gynecologist and Joey (India’s top dog model). The camp was attended by over 40 animal lovers from tricity. Free first aid kits were distributed to all by Furever Friends Rescue organization. Senior volunteer Navita Ahuja also addressed.

It was also discussed that animal lovers should offer help, rather than always requesting for help. Whenever you spot an injured animal, and report him to a rescue group, try to stay with the animal till help arrives. “More than money, we need skill donation by Web developers, Lawyers, CA’s, Photo editors, Content Writers, Social media managers, Video editors etc. Donate your skills to help animals,” added Vikas.


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