Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition course at MCM



8 February 2017


A Ministry of Women and Child Development (GoI) sponsored training course on Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Nutrition was organised at MCM DAV College for Women by the Community Food and Nutrition Extension Unit, Chandigarh and the Home Science Department of the college. Mr.Harpal Singh, Demonstration Officer, Ministry of Women and Child Development conducted this week-long highly informative course.

During the course, the participants were made aware of the principles of preservation, different methods of preservation, nutrition, identification and management of nutritional diseases, importance of breast feeding and personal and food hygiene. The interactive lectures were followed by practical demonstration sessions on all days during which participants got hands on experience in preparing low cost nutritious recipes like peanut snacks and also preserved products like jams, squashes, pickles and sauces. The participants found the course extremely fulfilling as they cooked healthy recipes like peanut burfi, panjiri, etc. At the conclusion of the course, certificates were awarded to the participants.

MCM Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava thanked Ministry of Women and Child Development for providing practical exposure to the students so that they are aware of the industry demands and at the same time, are capable of incorporating nutrition in their everyday life.



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