6 May 2017

Kulbir singh kalsi

The First Blood Donation Camp during this summer which is 163rd camp of the Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association was organized on  6th May 2017,Saturday at the Zakir Hall of the PGI. In this camp 376 units of blood was collected for the PGI, Chandigarh. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Subhash Verma, Dean PGIMER in the presence of Dr. Khandelwal, HOD, Radiology; Dr. Reena Das,  Haematology; Dr. Amita Trehan, Paediatrics; Dr. Deepak Bansal, Paediatrics ; Dr. Sandhya Ghai, Principal, Nursing College; Dr. Sushma Saini, Vice-Principal, Nursing College; Dr. Richa Jain,  Paediatrics; Dr. A.K. Bhalla,  Paediatrics; to boost the morale of blood donors.

Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association (Regd.), PGI, Chandigarh organizes several voluntarily Blood Donation Camps every year to collect 8000-9000 units of blood for its 430 thalassaemic children, for whom blood is “life line”for their survival. They need blood transfusion after every 2-3 weeks for whole of their lives for maintaining blood hemoglobin level around 10mg.

Out of these camps, six camps are organized at PGI, Chandigarh and one camp at GMCH-32 during summer months, when there is acute shortage of blood in the blood bank due to several reasons. The Association organizes these camps, so that our thalassaemics are not deprived of the regular blood supply for transfusion.


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