Fat Shaming: My Close ones did it the most


How surprising it may seem but that is actually true. I have shared my journey before in which I talked about how people rejected me for being a Fat Girl. Be it friends, strangers and anyone, all seemed to have a different behaviour with me because of my looks. But the hardest thing I faced in my life and even facing now is being Fat shamed by the closest people in my life.
It is actually true that your parents love you no matter what. My mom was the only person who was supportive of me regardless of how I look. Even my Dad supports me and let me be what I want to. He never told me to get slim for whatever the reason. But apart from them, everyone was of different opinion always.
I have grown up listening to “Moti kum kha, nahi toh phatt jayegi ek din”, “Duniya ka sara khana tu hi khayegi kya”, “Dharti par bojh kyun bani hui hai?”, “Apna pait dekh le, kitna bahar nikalta ja raha hai, mar jayegi tu aise” and many more words like this. Even the scenario hasn’t changed. I get trolled, fat-shamed, demoralised and demotivated every second day of my life. I would not name anyone here but many are the closest people.
Some worry about my health but it gets up on my nerves when I get to hear these words every 10 minutes and around 60 times a day. Some call me ‘Moti’, ‘Bhains jaisi dikhne wali’, ‘tere baithne se chair tut jayegi’ or whatever they wish to. I very well understand that some people love me and according to them being fat means unhealthy. But that’s exactly not true. I get upset and mentally unhealthy when I get to hear all these things every day. In fact they are making me ill.
Everybody needs a loving and caring environment around themselves to grow and achieve in life. Even your joke can be upsetting for Fat/Plus Size people. You might not realize when you are becoming reason of their sadness because of your words. Plus Size or “Fat” as you call us, are actually human beings just like you are. We just have a bigger figure… and actually bigger heart than most of you have!
Choose your words wisely or else someday someone will make you regret about it even if you are the most important person in their life.


Journalist & Plus-Size Blogger 


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