Ex PGI’s ENT Surgeon Duo from Indus Hospital successfully treating black fungus (mucormycosis)



31 May 2021


Case Study Sukhpinder Jeet Kaur

Sukhpinder Kaur of Muktsar was reffered to the Mohali Indus Hospital three weeks ago with symptoms of blackness in the palate, swelling and numbness on the right side face. Endoscopy of the nose was performed which showed gross  black discolouration  inside, thereafter  small piece of mass from nose was sent for pathological examination and we got the MRI done too. Fungus was identified from the piece and with  MRI we were able to see that half of the bones of the face and half of the palate and area around the eye and brain were involved and through open surgery  half the facial bones and half the palate had to be removed.After three weeks of the course of anti fungal injection patient is being discharged with anti fungal oral drugs.

For the next few months, we will continue to observe till complete recovery and then team of  , dental  and  plastic surgeon will perform reconstruction surgery of the palate and bones and the patient will return to hers normal lifestyle.

 Dr. Kshitij and Dr. Ishaan said that we have successfully treated about 6 patients through endoscopy surgery but  3 patients  family did not corporate , got scared of mucormycosis . We must understand that  the world is not over as soon as someone develops mucor . It is necessary to fight with disease  courageously, and  the patient must report  in a multi-specialty hospital without any delay as soon as the initial symptoms appear so that they can be treated early without complications and with least deformities.

Dr. SPS Bedi Clinical Director Indus Hospital briefed susceptible people to get mucor mycosis more often

1. In diabetes patients

2. In those who consume more steroids

3. In patients living in ICU

4.Suffering with any serious diseases

Symptoms of mucus mycosis:

1 Sinus area Painful, nasal congestion, nasal bone pain

2.Discharge  of black/ brown or reddish fluid from nose

3. Eye swelling , redness , blurred vision, double vision

4.Loosening and pain in front teeth

5. Face swelling, numbness, Pain6. Pain  around the eyes or headache 


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