24 May 2019


Elante Mall organised an awareness programme for 100 girls residing in underprivileged society at Gur Asara Orphanage, Mohali on the importance of maintaining good menstrual hygiene in a bid to enable them to reach their full potential. Promoting the ‘Janaushadhi Kendras’ initiative under the Pradhan Mantri Yojna, 6000 biodegradable sanitary pads were distributed from the orphanage in Mohali, sufficient for three months of usage per participant.

Elante Mall collaborated with ‘Spend for a Cause’ to promote Project Triya, which has been working towards this initiative to help women and girls in any way possible to make their life easier during menstruation.

Speaking on the occasion, Thrinath K, Centre Director, Elante Mall, said, “We strongly believe that as a society, we should be removing barriers for women and girls, so they can live a full life. Basic access to menstrual hygiene like sanitary napkins, safe disposal of the same and toilets in schools/public areas are necessary to maintain a good healthy life. We have joined hands with ‘Spend for a Cause’ to work towards Project Triya initiative by educating women in underprivileged areas on menstrual hygiene, giving them presentations and tips on how to maintain sanitation and provide them sufficient biodegradable sanitary napkins to sustain each participant for three months.”

Talking about the initiativePooja Khosla, Founder, Spend for a Cause said, “The project Triya (meaning young girl) is a heart-rending move by a group of budding social entrepreneurs under the auspices of a ngo ‘Spend for a cause’ to spread awareness on menstrual hygiene among underprivileged women and girls. It’s about educating girls, women and their families and helping them remove the taboos associated  with periods. Project Triya is focused on the very basic right- ‘Triyas’ right to bleed hygienically.”

A presentation regarding the importance of menstrual hygiene was done by Dr. Neeru Bali, who also educated the women participants on the disposal of sanitary pads.


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