Educational workshop on Edentulism by Max Hospital Mohali

8 March 2019
Edentulism is a State of being partially or completely without natural teeth. Figuring out the alternative, Doctors at Max Super speciality Hospital, Mohali Dr. Rakshith Hegde and Dr. Gaurav Malik conducted an interactive programme – “PRO-ARCH MASTER CLASS”- Rehabilitation Protocol for Edentulism in Max Hospital, Mohali’.
While addressing to the audience Dr Gaurav Malik, Director & Head, Department of Dentistry, Max Super speciality Hospital, Mohali explained that ‘Pro-Arch’ is a surgical procedure in which 12-14 teeth are fixed using just 4 implants. The pro-arch technique was shown through live surgery for the first time in the region. 80 Dental Surgeons from across India participated in the highly interesting interactive session interspersed with Live Surgery display, conducted by Dr. Rakshith Hegde. The surgeries took place in the Dental Surgery Room & were beamed live in the auditorium for the delegates to learn.
Mr Sandeep Dogra, Sr Vice President and Zonal Head- Punjab, Max Hospital said “At Max we always strive to bring the latest technology and this new minimally invasive state of the art surgery protocol has advantages which have the power to revolutionise the way patients are treated. In fact, patients stand to gain the most from ‘PRO-ARCH’. The procedure needs no bone grafting, secondly it allows patients to walk out the same day with functional teeth & third but not the least the “PRO-ARCH” treatment concept is more cost effective. This is so due to the fact that no grafting is needed and it is done in a short surgery that lasts for 1.5-2 hours. It is pertinent to mention here that traditional methods could take as long as 12-18 months for complete recovery, thereby delaying relief & pushing up costs. This problem is obviated by the ‘pro-arch’ protocol”.
They explained the science & technology behind the procedure using a proper lab set up & machinery that was specially used for this technique at Max Hospital. While addressing the audience Dr Gaurav Malik, Director & Head, Department of Dentistry, Max Super speciality Hospital, Mohali said, “The idea behind the session was to train dental practitioners in ‘Pro Arch’ system & create awareness of the original protocol & its implementation amongst the fraternity.”
According to a study by Max Super speciality Hospital, Mohali, it was stated that In India, nearly 60 million people suffer from this malady. Until recently, patients only had two suitable treatment options — removable dentures and dental implant surgery. Approximately 40% of patients choose removable dentures but it only restores 10% of the normal teeth function & a conventional dental implant surgery takes too long which adds to cost and time.


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