Don’t use cosmetics without consultation: Dr Monika, Skin Specialist



25 March 2017


Skin specialist Dr. Monica today gave tips on taking care of skin with summer season approaching. She was addressing students and faculty members of Khalsa College (Asr) Technology and Business Studies, Phase 3A here on “How to prevent skin diseases in summers”. She threw light on all kinds of skin related diseases.

As the summer season is heading, people have started facing skin related issues due to the harmful rays of the sun. People, especially the young brigade is using chemical cosmetics without consulting any skin expert, said Dr Monica.

Before this medical session, Dr Harish Kumari, Principal, Khalsa College (Asr) Technology and Business Studies welcomed Dr Monica and also thanked her and her team for initiating the efforts.

Dr Monica also talked about various skin diseases which are mostly faced in summers. She also advised to the Students and Faculty members of College to use the best quality sunscreen lotion along with other protective measures to prevent the harmful effect of ultra violet rays of the sun. Students asked various queries regarding skin issues to Dr Monica on this occasion.




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