Doctors at Fortis Mohali successfully treat 11-year-old boy for rare, chronic bone infection in both ankles



22 March 2022


11-year-old Ambala-based Patient was suffering from pain and limp due to severe pain around both his ankles and was not able to walk for some time since the past 8 months. His condition worsened with every passing day, despite seeking treatment from several hospitals.

Patient visited Fortis Hospital Mohali in November last year where his medical investigations revealed rare bone infection in both the leg bones, adjacent to the ankle joint, due to whichthe patient was walking with a limp and was in excruciating pain. The investigation also revealed that due to infection in the leg bones, there was fluid collection in both muscle joints.

Timely intervention by the highly-skilled team of doctors led by Dr Ravi Gupta, Director of Orthopaedics (Sports Medicine), Fortis Hospital Mohali, who successfully operated on both the legs in a single surgery. Dr Gupta also conducted Ankle Arthroscopy as the patients MRI had also revealed aneffusion in the ankle joint. Ankle arthroscopy is a procedure where the ankle joint is operated with a scope in a minimally invasive manner with small cuts. It leads to better and faster recovery after the surgery.

Discussing the case, Dr Gupta said, “Patient had Brodie’s Abscessin both legs – a rare bone infection caused by microorganisms that had caused painful inflammation in the bone marrow, above both his ankles for the past one year. As the infection progressed, the patient had started walking with a limp.The infection had also infected the growth plate of both leg bones.” Growth plate is the plate of cartilage which adds to the height of the person.

Stating that the disease was extremely rare in the world. There are only a few case reports of this disease in the world literature where both the ankle joints, bones of legs and growth plates were involved, Dr Gupta, added, “If the disease was left untreated and the diagnosis was delayed any further, the infection would have become more chronic and would have damaged the growth plate of the leg bones, leading to deformity in the leg and foot and might have resulted in permanent disability. Following good rehabilitation at Fortis Hospital Mohali, the Patient was able to walk on the next day of the surgery. He is leading a normal life today.”

Dr Gupta further said Fortis Hospital Mohali is one of the few hospitals where Ankle Arthroscopy is routinely conducted. “Fortis Mohali offers the best treatment for patients suffering from such diseases and has helped save and transform lives,” he added.


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