27 January 2018


Dikshant Global School, VIP Road, Zirakpur has unveiled a one of a kind ‘Montessori and Waldorf Lab’ for pre primary classes.  The room is well equipped with the tools to help children develop Sensorial, Language, Motor, Cognitive and Life skills. It is designed in such a manner that the students will take benefits of both the ‘Waldorf and Montessori Education styles’. It is noteworthy that Montessori systemis a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. While  Waldorf system focuses on practical, hands-on activities and creative play.

 “The aim of starting this unique infrastructure is to provide students with a developmentally appropriate environment which nurtures and enables them to fully attain their true potential.  This will encourage children to learn by doing and to incorporate a sense of learning and accomplishment into their everyday tasks and activities.” Said Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant Schools.

Storytelling is an important part of teaching within the Waldorf education as learning is more efficient and memorable when the lessons are conveyed through a story. Therefore, from the upcoming session, Dikshant School is formally introducing storytelling as an integrated part of the curriculum. Dikshant becomes the first school in tricity to implement the idea which places the story at the heart of learning. “As per the new methodology, the content of the story provides the basis for further explorations of the topic. All the learning outcomes of Mathematics, Science, Language, arts get fully integrated into the curriculum rather than taught as standalone subjects.” Added Mitul Dikshit.

Now the kindergarten learners at the school, through the exciting world of tales, will embark on a journey that combines imagination, creativity, language, math and science into a rich and vibrant story based curriculum. This will give students a chance to explore various concepts in the company of their favorite characters – and have fun while doing it! The primary goal is to implement a methodology which is quick, efficient, engaging and enjoyable way to learn.

On the opening day of Montessori and Waldorf Lab, the school also organized a story telling session by Ms. Shivangi Sharma (Founder, Timeless Tales) who narrated the classic Panchtantra tales to children and parents. Parents were also given an insight about the implementation of stories as pedagogy and Montessori and Waldorf style of education.


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