10 February 2024


DFC, the invigorated team touted for their lethal attacking prowess, is set to resume their captivating journey in the I-League with an electrifying clash against TRAU FC away from home.
The much-anticipated match will take place in Kolkata where the two teams will lock horns in an intense battle on the 11th of February, at 7:00 PM.
Following a brief intermission, during which DFC celebrated a crucial win against Real Kashmir, the team is riding high on confidence and determination to continue their ascent up the league table. With an impressive tally of 20 goals already, DFC’s attacking force has proven themselves to be a formidable presence on the pitch.
DFC’s dynamic and experienced goal scorers, combined with the injection of fresh talent in the squad, has only heightened expectations for the upcoming match.
Fans and spectators alike eagerly await the nail-biting encounter, as DFC aims to dominate the field and showcase their irresistible flair for attacking play.
However, TRAU FC stands in the opposition’s way, determined to rekindle their own rhythm and reclaim their position in the league standings. Struggling to avoid relegation, TRAU FC finds themselves in a challenging predicament, making each victory more precious than ever. With the odds stacked against them, TRAU FC will leave no stone unturned and showcase their unwavering spirit to triumph against DFC.
The clash between these two formidable teams promises to be a thrilling spectacle, pitting DFC’s overwhelming firepower against TRAU FC’s fervent will to survive. Fans from all around the nation can expect an adrenaline-fueled encounter, with each team desperately fighting tooth and nail for victory.
Witness the passion, skill, and sheer determination as these two powerhouses exchange blows on the field, leaving no doubt that I-League is the epitome of excitement and sporting excellence.


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