Development is possible only with participation of Youth in politics – Sarabjit Singh Saman



2 February 2021


The successful young entrepreneur and former councilor Sarabjit Singh Samana is identified with his father former Mayor Kulwant Singh, but the young Sarabjit Singh says that my young colleagues complain that development has not happened and the politics of India is dominated by Elderly only, so unless the youth themselves come forward in politics, the future of the country is not going to change. 

Sarabjit Singh is a successful young entrepreneur, but with this idea in mind he has now jumped into politics with successful entrepreneurship taking the aim of bringing development and change in the politics of Mohali and Punjab.

Today, when he went out for door-to-door campaign in Ward 38, he got the love, blessings and support of Mohali residents.  Sarabjit says that my father left no stone unturned in the development of the city, but according to the younger generation, there is a need to explore many possibilities and to achieve these dreams, he is entering politics.


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