8 November 2022


Now you can detect changes in your health through your own voice. Researchers and Doctors have developed an AI-Enabled Technology that scans full body in 30 seconds  to achieve early and accurate diagnosis in Pre-illness stages using a 30 seconds voice clip and provides analysis on various Health scorings including Organ Risk calculation, immunity and stage of disease at the time of voice recording, apart from 100 plus Biomarkers of ill health.

Today an app named ‘JV Scan’ was launched in Press Club where Founder Dr. Mahesh Hukmani, Co-Founder Vineet Kumar and Chief guest Dr. Harendra Dev graced the occasion. Addressing the media, Dr. Mahesh Hukmani told, “We provide a full-body scan through one single voice sample. No blood tests or radiation tests are required. All you have to do is to submit your voice sample & we shall send you instructions to record your voice which will be scanned by our unique web-based diagnostic tool to give your health status report on your registered email ID”. The latest version of the app is available on Play store/IOS and free version (manual) is available to download from our Website. 

Elaborating on the technique, he said several health checks can be performed by just one voice sample namely: Mental Health, Blood Health, Physical Health, DNA heath etc besides providing you with early disease detection information, by calculating the resonance of each & every organ of the body that is the assessment of Body frequencies-An indicator of disease Progression & Mapping. 
He told that While Body/sound frequencies have been utilized for many decades to heal the body at various levels, it is for the first time ever that Body frequencies have been used to detect diseases in the pre illness stages & further Health management. While the Presence of certain frequencies will give us an idea as to which aspect of your Mind Body System is Healthy or Unhealthy, the Absence of these frequencies called Missing Frequencies can predict in advance what all diseases can creep in along with Organ Risk Calculation. 

Dr. Mahesh Hukmani is an Eye Surgeon by profession and did his MS in ophthalmology from the prestigious S.M.S Medical College and Hospital Jaipur (Raj.) in 1998. He practiced till 2008 & switched his role as a Researcher with Quantum Physics and Vibrational Medicine as his choice. Voice Analysis as an Early Diagnosis tool fulfils all the guidelines laid down by the W H O towards Secondary Disease prevention: That is Early detection of a diseases while it is in latent phase, Asymptomatic, with no complaints at all. Since all Diseases are Psycho-somatic in origin, that is born in the mind as a negative emotion and manifesting in the physical body after passing through 5 stages, calculation of frequencies at the level of Mind, blood and body is therefore an essential criteria to come to a diagnosis at all these 3 Levels. 

Defining various Health scores as designed by Dr Mahesh Hukmani “My research in Vibrational Medicine went on until one day I managed to decode the secrets to illness utilising Human Voice and Body frequencies and named the entire system as Jv-scan, which is available both as a windows based software and a Mobile Phone Application integrated with Artificial Intelligence. 
While explaining the concept, he said, “The whole concept is developed and matured as per the guidelines laid down by WHO -Geneva Convention 1984. The whole Concept is protected and patented under Intellectual Property Rights. With more than 5000 clients treated successfully in the last 9 years after its launch on June 24, 2013, This method is becoming the treatment of choice for early disease detection and Disease prevention. At Jv-Scan Preventive Health care Clinics, we use an Integrated Approach for keeping the Body sickness free.


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