19 June 2023


A 50-km long cycling rally was held to promote wellness and camaraderie among the cycling groups of  tricity and Ambala. Another objective of the activity  was to generate awareness among cycling enthusiasts about the upcoming mega wellness programme of Diplast, to be organised on June 25. The cycling event was held as  part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme of Diplast. 
Ashok Gupta, MD of Diplast said,  “We supported the cycling event in keeping with our objective of promoting health and wellness in the region. I am happy to announce that we will be holding under our CSR initiative  a wellness  programme to encourage regular exercise, proper diet, and mental well-being so that illnesses are prevented and people are brought closer  to nature. The programme which is scheduled to be held on June 25 at ‘The Tree House Farm’, located near Dappar barrier in Mohali district  will include activities such as yoga, ayurvedic treatments, a healthy breakfast, interactions on wellness and nutrition etc.” 
It is to be noted that Diplast is a well known name in manufacturing of a wide range of uPvc pipes and fittings including water tanks.
Meanwhile the cycling event drew participants from the Ambala Cycling Club, and from tricity’s cycling fraternity.  Thirty (30) riders from each region took part in the cycling activity that covered around 50 kms. While the Ambala cyclists took a route from Ambala’s Baldev Nagar to ‘The Tree House Farm’ and back, the tricity cyclists came from Sector 20, Panchkula to ‘The Tree House Farm’ and then rode back. The riders from Ambala also honoured Ashok  Gupta.
Gupta sharing further details about the Wellness Meet said,”The meet will be held from 7 am to 1 pm on June 25. The Wellness Meet will be an opportunity for individuals to engage in wellness-related activities and interact with like-minded individuals.”
The cycling and wellness activities assume importance as people due to wrong lifestyle habits  are becoming  unnecessarily overweight and are getting confined to living an individualistic and at times a lonely life.
This coming Sunday – June 25 shall witness the pristine environs of the ‘Tree Farm House’ playing host to nature and wellness enthusiasts. The event is part of Diplast’s campaign to promote the importance of a healthy body ,mind and soul.


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