COTTON USA™ to conduct two seminars in India on U.S. Cotton’s unsurpassed benefits 



26 April 2023


Cotton Council International (CCI) will launch two seminars in India, in Coimbatore on April 24 and in Ludhiana on April 26, themed “Achieve Peak Performance with U.S. Cotton.” The events will underscore the sustainability and superiority of U.S. cotton in the global cotton scenario and textile supply chain. Since India is one of the largest consumers of cotton in the world, the seminar aims to strengthen the position of U.S. cotton fiber within the Indian textile industry. 

“U.S. cotton is leading the way in terms of sustainable production practices—something that global brands now demand from their suppliers,” CCI Director of South Asia William Bettendorf said. “We are committed to raising the bar for responsible, sustainable farming methods.”

The event will feature insightful sessions on COTTON USA™, U.S. cotton, and the latest trends and growth patterns in the global cotton industry. It will also feature sessions with updates on the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®, Supima, and Indian cotton and what’s next in the Indian cotton spinning industry. It will also feature panel discussions on how COTTON USA SOLUTIONS could help Indian textile mills increase productivity with using U.S. cotton.

“The domestic textile industry is one of the largest industries in the country and has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last two decades in terms of installed spindles and yarn production, so this is a great opportunity for U.S. cotton,” said Peush Narang, CCI Country Representative-India and Sri Lanka. “Also, the response to the Trust Protocol— the first program to provide both access to full supply chain transparency and science-based field-level, verified data— has been very encouraging in India. More than 85 mills and manufacturers in India have already signed up as Trust Protocol members.”

CCI Head of Technical Services Joerg Bauersachs added, “As a value-added service exclusively offered to Trust Protocol members and COTTON USA licensees, CCI’s complementary COTTON USA SOLUTIONS program features five offerings to prove U.S. cotton’s superiority and expand the use of U.S. cotton. Our services and focus on adding value to U.S. cotton fiber, yarns and fabrics and help mills drive higher productivity with U.S. cotton.” 

To cap off the seminars, Supima President & CEO Marc Lewkowitz will attend and share key updates on the SUPIMA AQRE® licensing program.

“The new robust licensing platform will further enhance the credibility and value of the SUPIMA brand,” Lewkowitz said. “This revolutionary platform will be a standard-setting industry benchmark for combining digital traceability and transparency with physical authentication, providing an unrivalled level of confidence in both the content and provenance of Supima cotton products.”


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