23 June 2018


Mohan Singh Dumewal, Chairman Verka Mohali plant today said, “We strongly condemn the unfortunate incidents taking place at Verka dairy premises at Mohali. In the light of the events we would like to state that this is all a conspiracy by our competitor brands like Amul and Mother Dairy etc. to malign the hard-earned image and respect of the brand”.

In a press briefing here he said, it is to be noted that Verka has a strong market presence in the region delivering the best quality products at remunerative prices and contributing in the growth of the farmers for last 60 years.  Verka Dairy, Mohali provides the best procurement rates to the farmers and their interest is of utmost importance to us. 80-85% is paid back to the farmers in form of milk purchase price and annual bonuses etc. Our association with the farmers is not limited to procuring, processing and marketing of milk and milk products but also running programmes to improve cattle breed, development of fodder seed and extending technical inputs and support.

Verka maintains high standards of quality and safety measures from feeding milk to final packaging every process involves no human-touch. This automation ensures zero adulteration and quality standard. Verka has also introduced laboratories at plant’s level to ensure an impeccable quality.

He added, “The series of events have left the employees and patrons disheartened and have strongly hampered their morale. We hold competitors responsible for all the distress and fallen sales. It’s all done to tarnish the image of a prestigious brand.”

Other prominent Paramjit Kaur Chakkal, Vice President and Directors namely Jagtar Singh, Malkiat Singh, Harket Singh were also presented.




Particulars                             F.Y. 2015-16                       F.Y. 2016-17                       F.Y. 2017-18

No of Societies                             1142                                1187                                        1220

No of BMC                                     187                                 206                                           228

Procurement avg kg per day     370319                           442081                                      503105

                                                                                                                               Figures in lacs

Turn over                                    73433                               82215                                       94042

Payment to Societies

For Milk Purchased                     45792                               52978                                      65060

Bonus                                              245                                    283                    yet to be allocated

Price Difference To Societies         480                                    548                                          798

Total                                           46517                                 53809                                      65858

Subsidy To Societies

Borne by Plant                             176                                       98                                             254

Total                                            176                                       98                                              254

Subsidies given to societies for various purposes stated below-

* For Construction of Building of Societies.

* Medicines.

* Financial Assistance on Death of Animal.

* Fodder seed.

* Cattle Feed and Mineral Mixture

* Silopit

* Chaff Cutter

* Milking Machines/ AMCU/ BMC.


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