1 March 2017


“The youth of the country can be polished and made to excel by way of various training
programmes, which can imbibe in them the qualities required for their overall growth
and development.”
These words were expressed today by Dean College Development Council of Panjab
University(PU) Dr. Parvinder Singh while inaugurating the 5-day Youth Training Workshop,
organized by Youth Services Directorate of Punjab Government and conducted by the Youth
Welfare Department of PU.
“The progress of a nation rests on the shoulders of young people who should be awakened
and informed,” he added. “These workshops,” he said, “can go a long way in making them
realize their potential and polish their skills to carve a niche for themselves and the
society at large.”
Dean, Student Welfare Dr Emanual Nahar, on this occasion shared, “There is immense
capability in the students to move and excel in which ever direction they wish. It is
only with these workshops that they can reflect upon these possibilities and work
towards total transformation in their lives to come.”
Director Youth Welfare Dr. Nirmal Jaura expressed that the department keeps on
organizing such workshops from time to time. “  The youth festivals and training
workshops, organized from time to time, in which the students explore and exhibit their
talent in the best possible way, enable them to excel a in varied fields as art,
literature, culture and on the social and political fronts, apart from bringing a
definite change in their overall personality at various levels.”
Deputy Director of Youth Services Directorate of Punjab Government Charanjit Singh and
Kanwaljit Singh Sidhu informed the students about various youth welfare schemes of
Punjab Government.
Shabad was presented in the very beginning by the students of Baba Kundan Singh College
Muhar. Dr.Yograj Angreesh of  Punjabi Department presented his paper on the topic
“Youth, Language, Culture and Politics” during the second session and Prof. Neeru Malik
provided practical knowledge about yoga. Talent hunt programme, for the students, was
organized in the evening. Deputy Director of Youth Services Directorate of Punjab
Government Charanjit Singh appreciated the efforts of Youth Welfare Department of Panjab
University in organizing and systematically planning the Youth Training workshop and
hoped that it would be a wonderful experience for the trainees. Dr Nirmal Jaura informed
that the students shall be introduced to various personalities during the coming days of
the workshop so that it may prove to be a fruitful experience for them.


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