Concluding Day of International Workshop on Shock Waves in PG GCG-11, Chandigarh



25 February 2018


The concluding day of the Two days International Workshop on “Shock Waves in Science, Engineering and Medicine” being organised by the Science Society of PG Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh was highly enriching for the participants.

Presentations, lectures and interactive sessions by the pioneers from national and international institutions associated with the domain of Shock Waves and related fields continued on the second day of the workshop. A live demonstration of Shock Waves left the audience spell bound as they witnessed the glorious scientific phenomenon unfolding for the first time.
A lecture on ‘Biological Applications of Shock Waves’ by Prof. Gopalan Jagadeesh from Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc Bengaluru was thought provoking as it reflected on curative usage of shock waves ranging from vaccination to blasting of brain tumours. He also highlighted that this mechanism can serve as a boon for a wide variety of sectors. One such example is of dairy industry as shock wave technology can increase the shelf-life of milk.
Prof. E. Arunan from Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, IISc Bengaluru enlightened the audience on ‘Chemical Kinetics Studies using Shock Tube’.
The catch of the day was an interactive session of participants with Dr. Frank K.Lu, Director Aerodynamics Research Centre, University of Texas, Arlington, USA. The interaction was highly enjoyed by the audience as Dr. Lu recalled his association with legendary Indian astronaut Late Ms. Kalpana Chawla who was his student.
Valedictory session was chaired by Prof. Manoj Arora, Director of Panjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. He stressed that it is time to have synergy with science and technology for the advancement and progressive growth of the country.
Prof. Rama Arora, Dean, and Convener of Science Society of the college expressed that the main objective of this workshop is to enlighten the young minds in the field of Shock Waves which has multidisciplinary applications in day to day life.
Prof. (Dr.) Anita Kaushal, Principal of the College, felt assured that the knowledge disseminated by the world renowned scientists would motivate the students, research scholars and faculty members to pursue innovative paths in their academic careers.
Dr. Anil Kumar, co-ordinator of the workshop proposed a vote of thanks.


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