18 May 2024


Senior Punjab Congress leader and Congress candidate from Sri Anandpur Sahib, Vijay Inder Singla, has vowed to deliver world-class healthcare services to the people of Punjab. He highlighted the deplorable state of healthcare in Punjab, attributing the blame to both the Modi-led central government and the state government. Singla criticized the Modi government for wasting crores on advertisements while effectively halting the National Health Mission (NHM) funds allocated for Punjab. He declared that the people of Punjab would teach the Modi government a lesson through their votes, asserting that the Modi government has no respect for the federal structure and treats non-BJP state governments as adversaries, using agencies to control them indirectly.

A special meeting was held in Rupnagar, which gave Vijay Inder Singla a significant boost when the Communist Party of India decided to support him and the Congress in the upcoming elections. This decision was made following a meeting between Rana KP Singh and CPI leaders, during which Vijay Inder Singla expressed his gratitude to everyone. The event was attended by key figures such as Davinder Singh Nangli (District Secretary), Comrade Surjit Singh Dher (District Secretary), Comrade Sukhveer Singh Sukkha (Office Incharge), Comrade Hari Chand Gaulani, Narinder Singh Gardle, Comrade Ranjit Singh Sarathli, Comrade Gurnam Singh Aulakh, Comrade Rajni Mehta, Sushil Kumar, Jujhar Singh, Pawan Kumar, Kaka Ram, Sukhwinder Singh, Ashwini Sharma, former President D.C.C., among others.

Every day, Vijay Inder Singla starts his campaign early in the morning and continues until late evening, receiving overwhelming public support despite the intense heat. On Saturday campaigned through Nawanshahr, Kharar, Quest College, Main Road Jhanjheri, Anaj Mandi, Valmiki Mohalla, Baroli, Dargah, Manakpur Sharif, Khizrabad, Mundho Sangtian, Barodi, Sohali, Krishna Mandi, and Kurali, concluding in Kharar. The local populace praises Singla for his dedication and his track record of fulfilling promises, such as constructing a 300-bed PGI Sangrur hospital at a cost of INR 449 crore during his tenure as MP. Singla is committed to delivering similar results for Sri Anandpur Sahib. Angad Saini, while addressing the gathering, requested all his followers and friends to work aggressively in favour of Vijay Inder Singla, and ensure that he takes a lead with a huge margin from Nawanshahr assembly constituency.

Singla expressed his disappointment that the current administrations fail to provide adequate healthcare to their citizens. He pointed out the contradiction in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions, who showcases his affection for Punjab during Gurpurav visits to Gurdwaras but refuses to release the necessary funds for the state, imposing conditions that prevent Punjab from receiving central grants. Singla noted that the people of Punjab are now well aware of Modi’s duplicity.

Under the National Health Mission (NHM) during the UPA government, 85% of the grant was provided by the central government and 15% by the state governments. However, the Modi government reduced this grant to 60%, making state governments cover 40%. Furthermore, states without BJP governments face difficulties even in receiving their 40% share.

Singla lamented that Punjab has yet to become self-sufficient in healthcare. Residents often travel to PGI Chandigarh, Rohtak, or AIIMS Delhi for treatment. While the wealthy can afford private hospitals, the poor suffer from lack of timely medical care, resulting in many preventable deaths. Both the central and state governments are to blame for this situation.

Due to the BJP government’s indifference, Punjab has only received two new medical colleges in the past decade, compared to eight in Haryana and five in Himachal Pradesh. Aspiring doctors in Punjab face discrimination, with only 1,800 MBBS seats available compared to Haryana’s 2,185. Punjab has always been overlooked, but Singla vowed to raise these issues vigorously in Parliament and secure Punjab’s rightful share.

Emphasizing the lack of medical facilities, Singla pointed out that approximately one million patients travel to PGI Chandigarh every year for treatment due to the shortage of doctors in Punjab. The state has 1,940 vacant Medical Officer General positions awaiting recruitment. Common man clinics fail to provide adequate healthcare services. Singla assured that he will make every possible effort to provide better healthcare services to the people of Sri Anandpur Sahib constituency, committing to relentless efforts in this direction.


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