Classical Concert of Mohan Veena by Padam Bhushan Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt



17 February 2017


To mark the Haryana Swarn Jayanti Celebrations, SPICMACAY in Collaboration with Haryana Government organised 262 programmes in all the districts of Haryana promoting Indian Classical Dance, Classical Music , Classical Vocal , Folk Theatre of different states of our country under to  enhance Indian heritage and culture .  SPICMACAY Panchkula organised the fifth program of Classical Concert of Mohan Veena by  Padam Bhushan Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Ji on 17 February 2017. This program was organised under the series of Haryana Swarn Jayanti celebrations.

The programme began with the welcome of the Chief Guest, Ms. Hema Sharma ADC Panchkula, Haryana and the eminent artists Padam Bhushan Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Ji and Shree Abhishek Mishra on Tabla. The artists started the concert by telling the students about the benefits of classical music. The artists motivated the students to become sensitive towards classical music as it helps us to become good human beings and takes to the divinity. He also told them about the different Ragas, their importance and that they are all played at the different times of the day. He started with the morning Raga, ‘Nat Bhairav raga’. It was energetic, mesmerising, rejuvenating, par excellence, stupendous, enthralling, a blazed, fantabulous, divine, soulful, heavenly, breathtaking, scintillating, energetic and electrifying performance.

SPIC MACAY Panchkula Chapter is always focusing on sensitizing the young generation about our rich culture. The Chairperson Dr.(Mrs) Shashi Banerjee has been a great inspiration to all the volunteers of the chapter. The volunteers did all the arrangements on the stage. They involved themselves by anchoring the show, helping the artists at the back stage and encouraging other students to work selflessly. Thus, the tree SPIC MACAY gets it’s nourishment in form of guidance, encouragement and nurturing it onto each leaf of the tree. The program ended with the vote of thanks to the coordinators of Haryana Swarn Jayanti Celebrations and SPICMACAY.



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