22 July 2018


Angel Dsouza, a former Carmel Convent student, held her first solo art exhibition – ‘Soulful Strokes’ at Chandigarh Club, Sector 1 here. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Tandon, BJP President, Chandigarh State Unit. The art show was open for the general public.

Angel Dsouza, a charismatic, bright & immensely talented 17-year old girl is currently studying in Grade 12 at Indus International School, Bangalore, & is an ex  student of Carmel Convent, Chandigarh, where she studied from Grade 5-10. She displayed an eclectic collection of around 32 breath taking art works, mostly created with colours and pencil. The paintings depicted many facets of life. In her paintings at the Exhibition, she used art to create a profound comprehension of emotions, which we exchange with our loved ones from time to time. She has used colours well, in fact a bit mysteriously.

Angel has been painting since the age of 5 years. At this very young age  she began drawing cartoons, comic book characters, cards, paintings, wrapping gifts, making rangolis and scribbling on walls. After reaching the age of 8, she participated in sundry competitions in her school, Cambridge International, Mumbai. After shifting to Chandigarh in 2011, she started practicing watercolors, oil colors and acrylic colors more than she ever had in her childhood. “Drawing is like meditation to me. I have practiced still life and other different techniques of ink such as hatching, stippling and also have given a  shot at portraits. My paintings depend on my mood and I listen to music while painting, this enhances the outcome.” Said Angel.

Angel adds, “When I feel sad, I tend to use mostly dark shades.”  She has a great interest in not just art but also psychology.

Her paintings showcased at the exhibition were mostly based on transformation, chaos, dreams, and realities of human life.

“The funds collected form the exhibition will be used to support the education of children belonging to economically weaker sections of the society.” said Angel.

It is noteworthy that she is currently studying in grade 12 in the International Baccalaureate program (the IB) where one of her higher-level subjects is Visual Arts. She has developed her interest in the Arts, channeled her thoughts accurately and is now working on her IB Visual Arts topic – Transformation. Most of the paintings in this exhibition were painted by her post IB Year 1 (Grade 11).


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