City celebrates Kukur Tihar on Diwali



29 October 2019


Kukur Tihar, the famous festival of Nepal, was celebrated in many cities of India including Chandigarh on Diwali. On this occasion, pets and homeless dogs were honored by garlanding them with flowers and applying tilak on their foreheads. They were offered treats. Joy for Animals, a non-profit organization, took the initiative to celebrate Kukur Tihar, which will be celebrated in a big way in Tricity next year.

Joy for Animals is an initiative of Prakash Foundation Charitable Trust. It’s founder chairman Narvijay Yadav said, The problem of homeless dogs has spiraled over the years. The female dogs are not being sterilized on time, causing the increase of their population. Also, this dear friend of men is being neglected now and not getting food, water and care. Thus Kukur Tihar bears importance.

It is noteworthy that the Dogitization organization of Indore has started calling dogs as “laddoo”. The word “kutta” is frequently used as an abuse, which also adversely affects a dog’s position in the society. That is why the “Laddu” word is being liked by one and all. Narvijay said that “if you address an unknown dog lovingly as Laddoo, it is likely that you would get a positive and happy response from the dog”. Dogs need love and give back unconditional love in abundance.

Dogs should never be relocated. It is illegal and puts a dog in a miserable condition, increasing his anxiety and aggression. The friendship of dogs and humans is 12,000 years old. Thus, dogs should not be neglected.


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