18 February 2023


The awe-inspiring awards ceremony of “CineMaestro: Shaping Future Filmmakers-Take 4” was a glittering affair marking  the conclusion of an inspiring three-day workshop aimed at nurturing the creative skills of young students. This year, a total of 16 schools and 250 students participated in a three-day workshop hosted by Chitkara International School, under the banner of CineMaestro.

Cine-maestro stands as a grandiose inter-school workshop and film festival, crafted with the purpose of igniting and nurturing the film making prowess and ingenuity of young students through the social enterprise, Cinevidya. Initiative spearheaded by the renowned cinematographer and producer, Mr Amitabha Singh, who envisioned a platform that would discover young cinematic geniuses and foster the production of children’s cinema across the nation.

Cine-maestro provided a platform for budding filmmakers to showcase their cinematic creations and was a celebration of talent, hard work, and creativity. The ceremony was graced by the presence of eminent Indian film and theatre actress Ms Samvedna Suwalka who attended the event as Chief Guest. Ms Suwalka recently was seen performing the role of an Advocate ‘Gayatri Mohan’ in the Bollywood’s Blockbuster Multi – Starrer film Drishyam 2. She has also worked across mediums with acclaimed feature films, plays, ads, short films, and web series. Not to mention,

In her address, Ms Samvedna praised the students’ creativity and the unique stories they had brought to the screen. She highlighted the importance of such initiatives in nurturing young talent and encouraging them to explore their creative potential. She also appreciated the efforts of Chitkara International School and Cinevidya, who had provided a unique platform for students to explore their talents and learn from some of the leading figures in the film industry. She encouraged the students to continue pursuing their passion for film-making and to use their art as a tool for social change.

Dr Niyati Chitkara, the director of Chitkara International School, expressed her admiration for the student’s creativity and their dedication to their craft. She said, “The art of film-making is a beautiful medium to express one’s thoughts and creativity. I am proud to see that the students were able to showcase their exceptional talent and skill through this initiative.” Dr Chitkara’s words echoed the sentiment of the entire school community, which was proud of the student’s achievements and excited to see what the future holds for these budding filmmakers.

The culmination of the inspiring and enthralling CineMaestro: Shaping Future Filmmakers-Take 4 workshop was marked by a grand screening of the student-created movies from different schools at the Chitkara International School’s auditorium. The films were a true reflection of the student’s creativity and the skills they had acquired during the workshops. The audience was captivated by the mesmerising visuals, the innovative storytelling, and the unique perspectives offered by the young filmmakers.

During the screening of each film created by the students, Mr Amitabha Singh – the esteemed cinematographer and producer – took an active interest and asked pertinent questions. With a keen eye for detail, he inquired about the students’ inspiration behind the film, the techniques they used while shooting, and the challenges they faced in the process. His insightful questions encouraged the students to reflect on their journey and share their unique perspectives.

Overall, CineMaestro: Shaping Future Filmmakers-Take 4 was an exceptional event that helped to unleash the creative potential of students and encourage them to explore the wonderful world of filmmaking. It was a true celebration of talent, creativity, and innovation and a testament to the power of education and the arts to transform lives.


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