4 February 2021


Chitkara International School has introduced multilingual audio circulars, called ‘Chitkara Infobyte’, last week here in Chandigarh. The inclusion of Hindi and Punjabi narrations within the school’s communication system is expected to overcome language barriers and allow easy flow of information among school’s stakeholders. With this initiative, the school aims to bring freshness in the communication mechanisms of schools in North India which continue to be highly English-centric. The step is also believed to improve the reach, receptiveness and impact of school’s interaction with the community at large.

Drawing inspiration from Chitkara University’s Content & Language Integrated Lab (CLIL), the school is focusing on promoting linguistic diversity and equitable education for all. Previously, Chitkara University’s CLIL Lab has undertaken to not only meet the different language-related needs of students, but also help people with speaking and language difficulties communicate through visual gestures or sign languages. With Chitkara Infobyte, the school is believed to have reinforced the university’s mission of reducing and limiting communication gaps among its associates for better reception and impact of information. Further considering it to be an important takeaway of the recently-announced National Education Policy, the school is set to fulfil the policy’s goal of promoting multilingualism along with the Sustainable Development Goal related to quality, inclusive and equitable education for all.

In her follow-up comment on the initiative’s success, the school’s visionary Principal, Dr. Niyati Chitkara said, “Chitkara Infobyte caters to the varying linguistic needs of our stakeholders and thus, stands as an aspiration-turned-inspiration for us. We are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the positive and uplifting response of parents, and wish for them to leverage this initiative with as much fervour and enthusiasm.” Maintaining her stand, one of the school’s stakeholders further affirmed, “The Chitkara Infobyte addresses the unspoken, genuine concern of parents in a truly convenient and wonderful way.”


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