11 January 2018


Sony SAB’s new show Partners-Trouble Ho Gayi Double is climbing the popular charts with its brilliant comedy and engaging story. Not to disappoint its viewers the show will keep the audiences on the edge with two new interesting cases. The first one is the case of Chhota Bunty – a psychotic criminal who has escaped from jail and currently threatens to kill Commissioner Gogol Chatterjee (Johny Lever) for his arrest. To track his movements, Aditya (Vipul Roy) and Manav (Kiku Sharda) decide to pursue his love interest Monika. Matters get serious when Chhota Bunty shoots at Commissioner but narrowly misses on purpose.

In the second case, Aditya and Manav find themselves in a sticky situation with a self -proclaimed Godman- Chocolate Baba. When they start their investigation, they come across Chocolate Baba and his two beautiful assistants, Strawberry and Vanilla urging an old businessman, Jeevanlal, to commit suicide and donate all his property to Babaji.  To add to this predicament, Manav gets enchanted by chocolate Baba’s magic tricks and becomes a follower of his cult.

Will Aditya save the old businessman from suicide? Will he be able to expose Chocolate Baba to be a fraud? With the pressure from the Commissioner and other politicians, get to Aditya and set him up to fail?

Will the Partners succeed in returning Commissioner Gogol’s honor? Will they be able to arrest this dangerous criminal?

Speaking on the track, Vipul Roy who plays Aditya says: “These cases are really challenging for us. We are totally clueless about how to solve them, the part is when Manav himself gets trapped in the magic tricks of the baba. ”

Do not miss out on all the action as the partners try to solve yet another exciting case on Sony SAB’s Partners-Trouble Ho Gayi Double , from Monday to Friday at 9.30PM!


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