16 September 2021


When a student embarks on a journey towards a successful life, there can be hazardous obstacles along the way. Therefore, an aspirant requires a proper platform to get all the possible learning solutions. This is exactly what the directors of the Chetan Bharat Learning has undertaken to do. In a special interaction, they shared about their vision & Journey.

They believe that there are hidden qualities inside each of the aspirants. It’s all about developing them into fruition. Therefore, these potentials need to be honed, nurtured through proper guidance and apt resources. This is exactly what their company aims to do to make revolutionary changes in the education sector.

Directors Chetan Sharma, Bharat Vodehra, and Raghav Sharma embarked on bringing revolutionary changes to the education sector through sheer hard work and passion. They commenced this operation in 2019, 20th Dec. They run an Online learning platform that provides the best learning solutions for school syllabus and competitive exams, like UPSC, CDS, CSAT & other govt jobs.

With the power of observance, they have found the three factors lacking in today’s education sectors: Affordability, accessibility, and availability. Therefore, the company strives to provide proper learning solutions and address these shortcomings faced by the aspirants. They aim at providing quality resources at affordable price

Their high-quality content and a strongly committed core team are the basis of their success. Moreover, they showcase an honest approach to a problem and put everything necessary to bring about a revolutionary change. They also provide personalized teachers to the aspirants for one-to-one interaction.

The Inspiration That Sparked The Journey

They feel that there’s no dearth of raw talent in India. However, they realized that something is wrong in the education sector because, despite such raw talent, a lot of students aren’t able to prosper with the qualities. That’s why they took it upon themselves to bring about a revolutionary change to the entire system with proper guidance so that students can realize their true potential.

This is what makes them unique.Each success story has a person whose inspiration plays a pivotal role. Well, for the directors of Bharat Learning Pvt ltd, it’s Elon Musk. His attitude at solving even the most challenging problems on the planet inspires them to be ambitious with their goals. Therefore, they remain unfazed, undaunted, no matter how big an obstacle comes.

The Challenges Faced During The Journey

The road to success is never smooth as it has a lot of obstacles to cross. Therefore, the directors of this company haven’t had it easy and faced many problems along the way. However, their sheer passion and undaunting courage made it clear that they wouldn’t yield to those problems and succumb. Instead, they rose and faced them head-on.

One of the major challenges they faced was convincing the target audiences. They had realized that to treat education or learning as an end in itself, rather than a means to an end, needs to be grouped to convince people to take up education passionately.

Moreover, their resolve and commitment to making education a vehicle of change in society are commendable despite all the obstacles. To move the wheel of that vehicle in the most challenging condition- that’s how the ushering of change takes place.

Word Of Advice To All The Dreamers

Since entrepreneurship is a creative pursuit, one’s success depends on one’s ability to find creative and innovative solutions to regularly encountered problems. Therefore, they advise staying committed and true to the goals.Therefore, it is only through staying committed to what you do the best that will grant you success.


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