17 June 2022


Chandigarh Institute of Drones has prepared drones that can be used in the agriculture sector and law and order. These drones will help the farmers to do farming with ease and the police will get help in enforcing law & order.  Representing Chandigarh in the recently held Drone Expo-2022, Chandigarh Institute of Drones gave a demo of Drone to Rajasthan Police to control law and order in the state.

Sunny Kumar, Founder, Chandigarh Institute of Drones said that in Drone Expo 2022-Jaipur, more than 50 drone manufacturers from across the country participated to give their drone demos in which he got a chance to represent Chandigarh. Sunny was accompanied by Manish Pandit (CTO), Ussam Siddiqui (Technical Head), Manal Pathania (Drone Pilot) and Karan Choudhary (ACIC, RISE) representing Chandigarh. Sunny said that due to the new guidelines of the Government of India, there has been a lot of growth in the drone sector.  The Government of India is taking the drone sector forward, which is helping in the work of many other sectors as well as creating new employment opportunities.

He informed that the Department of Information Technology and Communications organized Drone Expo 2022 under ‘iStart Rajasthan’. The expo showcased the potential and limitless possibilities of drones in various fields.  Sunny said that in Chandigarh, we design drones for farmers, army and police so that they can be completely helped in doing their work.


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