Chandigarh-Based Writer Shailja Kaushal’s Latest Book “Paanch Ke Sikkey Tatha Anya Kahaniyan” Depicts Psychology Of Emotions



9 October 2021


Writing comes to Shailja Kaushal as naturally as living, she believes. Anything that grabs her attention becomes a part of her daily diary and those notes of her daily diary take form a book collectively. Her latest book “Paanch Ke Sikkey Tatha Anya Kahaniyan”, which is the second book from her kitty, have proximity to realism of life and its often-neglected aspects.

Be it the memories of gone by days of childhood or the struggles of LGBT community or the employment in our country, Shailja has successfully tried depicting everything that needs attention today. And, through the 12 stories of her book in total, she narrates the psychology of human emotions that we otherwise tend to underestimate in our everyday life.

Says Shailja, “Since I write in Hindi, the very belief of Munshi Prem Chand is very close to my heart when it comes to writing. He has said that a psychological tale is the real stiry that a writer can depict through words. It should depict the psychology of all its characters.”

Having been a journalist previously and now serving as the Information and Public Relation Officer with Govt Of Haryana, Shailja says that the pains of people compels her to narrate them in stories. 

“As a journalist, I have covered quite a few stories where I had to write about the life sufferings of people. And that wasn’t easy for me. I am a sensitive person and my emotional sensitivity is what gives rise to the writer inside me.”

Meanwhile, Mr Vivek Atray, while reading through the pages of the book, congratulates Shailja for her new volume. Also, Vivek said that he feels elevated from the normal life whenever he attends a book launch.

“The book is connected to Indianness and its ground reality. The titles of each chapter are unique and promts you to read the chapters. For instance, ‘Kachori WaliGali’

PaanchKeSikkey, Mrs Lobo Special, Meri Sikhta. She has well thought every title I must say.”

Also, Vivek also says that in the era of Google Pay, writing a book like PaanchKeSikkey is an interesting thing. This young generation might not know that what a ‘Paanch Ka Sikka’ looks like. But that’s our treasure of memories and we should never forget it.

Vivek says that writing short stories is a tough task.

“Not everyone can do that. But a writer always has a different perspective towards life. He/she keeps finding interesting characters for their books. Imagination of a writer never stops and it should never stop. He asks all the writers to keep writing and keep sharing their works with the world out there.”

It took two years to compile all the stories of “Paanch Ke Sikkey Tatha Anya Kahaniyan”. Why such a long time? Because, Shailja shares that she likes to live all the characters that she narrates in her books. Some characters are a reflection of her personality and for some she takes the inspiration from her surroundings. And that’s why it becomes a perfect blend of reality and fiction.

Published by Aastha Publishing House, the book will also be soon available on Amazon. 


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