Cardiologists treats patient with multiple blockages, saves life by inserting one stent against three



20 November 2021


The cardiology team at Fortis Hospital Mohali has given new lease of life to several cardiac patients by providing treatment using the latest and most-advanced technology of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) and recently, the doctors successfully treated a 66-year-old Jammu-based Patient, Sham Sunder, who had multiple blockages in his arteries.

Patient Sham Sunder, underwent coronary angiography in Jammu which revealed blockages in all three arteries. He was advised a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) or three-stent insertion by doctors. However, dissatisfied with the line of treatment in Jammu, the patient approached Fortis Hospital.
Dr RK Jaswal, Head of Department and Director of Cardiology, said, “Upon examination, the patient exhibited symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, palpitations, abnormal heart rhythms and shortness of breath. Using the most advanced technology FFR, only one stent was inserted in the patient’s artery, as against the three suggested by the doctors in Jammu. Following good rehabilitation, the patient made a fast recovery and was discharged the very next day of the surgery. He is now fully recovered and is leading a normal life.”

Fractional Flow Reserve is used to determine if a cardiac patient needs a stent or a bypass surgery, or should be administered only medicines during treatment. Also, FFR helps avoid unnecessary stenting based on conventional angiography.

Boston Scientific, the exclusive manufacturer of Rotational Atherectomy in the world, has designated Fortis Mohali as the Centre of Excellence for Rotablation in the upper North India and has also certified Dr Jaswal as the exclusive proctor to teach this technique to interventional cardiologists of the region.
Dr Jaswal said, “Fortis Mohali provides 24×7 advanced techniques such as FFR, Intravascular ultrasound and Optical Coherence Tomography. These techniques have enabled us to perform precise and high-quality stenting procedures, thereby saving many lives by providing the best medical treatment.”
Lauding the treatment received at the hospital, Sham Sunder, said, “The doctors offered the best line of treatment and deployed only one stent, even when doctors in Jammu had advised me for three-stent insertion.”


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